Bandung, Finally!

Yes, finally I visited Bandung last weekend. After longing for weeks due to works and unhealthy body, I can breathe it’s cold air. It’s amazing! I was planning on spiritual and culinary travel. Here is some photos of good food and beverage I had there.

Iga Bakar Si Jangkung. Yumm! This is my brother’s favourite. We used to eat this together in our spare time. I hardly enjoyed it, because I missed him in every bite ūüė¶

Portabella Mushrom and Caramel Machiato at Tree House. I am in love with mushroom since enjoying Little Asia fried crispy mushroom menu. This time, the mushroom is baked. And the taste made me falling in love more with mushroom. And the caramel machiato is good too. I can taste the espresso, caramel and milk in it.

Then, white coffee. What made my day wasn’t the taste although it tasted good too, but the way they served it. How cute the plastic white lace is! The taste is light. The tart sweetness lingers when it’s in my mouth but fade in the finish, replaced by gentle bitterness. I enjoyed it with “steak lidah sapi”. The meat felt soft. Unluckily, the brown sauce is too sweet for me. But, it still taste good. Right after finishing my meal, my stress is completely disappear ūüôā

And this friday, I got a meeting invitation in Bandung. Wow! I can’t believe my luck! The venue is Hotel Sensa in Ciwalk. It is the most beautiful hotel I ever visited. I like it at the first sight and fall in love at the first step in it. I’ve never seen any hotel that it’s detail is beautifully designed as this hotel. It feels warm, nearly like home.¬†Even the toilet! I can sit in the lobby bar, doing nothing, thinking nothing, enjoying coffee and the view. Sadly, that moment only lasted for ten minutes before the meeting. But, the meeting room felt warm too. I never felt that relaxed in meeting room ¬†before. Here is some shot I took.

And… I write this post while enjoying Ngopi Doeloe Balck Forest Coffee and Nachos. The beverage tasted complicated. Mixed espresso, almond and mocca felt strong in my mouth. I thought of tasting rum too (the waiter said it’s a non alcoholic rum). The nachos is beyond. It is served with four kind of sauce, black paper, mushroom, tomato, and chili. They taste good, but the black paper is the best black paper sauce I’ve ever had. I can’t get enough of it!

Ah, we went to lunch together after the meeting. We enjoyed “ayam goreng” at Sambel Hejo. It’s delicious. And it’s the first time I taste “lenca”. It tasted funny and surprising in my mouth. I like it but it didn’t make my favorite list. But, I found I like “cimplung”. It’s like “perkedel kentang” but chewy. I guess it made of “pati” too beside potato.

The most favorite part of this trip is Abu Haidar’s¬†preaching :

Kehidupan dunia itu seperti air hujan yang menyirami bumi kemudian menumbuhkan beragam tanaman yang mengagumkan penanamnya. Tapi, tanaman itu kemudian layu, daunnya menguning lalu mati. Sesungguhnya, dunia itu hanyalah kesenangan yang menipu. Sedangkan di kehidupan akhirat itu hanya ada adzab yang pedih atau ampunan dan ridho Allah. Mana yang kita pilih?

Yes, He is definitely right. All of the fun I told above is just “kesenangan yang menipu”.. I shoudn’t be tricked by it in my journey home to “kampung akhirat”.

My Rabb, aku memohon kepada-Mu segala kebaikan dan berlindung kepada-Mu dari segala keburukan. Dekatkanlah segala sesuatu yang mendekatkanku kepada-Mu dan jauhkanlah segala sesuatu yang menjauhkanku dari-Mu. Amin.

From, all of the coincidence in my trip, meeting my sisters, my Arabic teacher, and so on, I know You love me, My Rabb. That’s why this day should be ended with gratitude. Alhamdulillah. And,¬†I will learn and try harder to love You better than this. Bismillah..