My Hero Bemo Drive


Ia berjalan ringan menuju kursi pengemudi. Diletakkannya kruk dengan hati-hati disebelah kanan tempat duduknya. Ia ambil logam untuk disambungkan dengan kaki kirinya. Kemudian dijalankannya bemo dengan hati-hati. Ia selalu mengambil jalur di tepi sebelah kiri dengan kecepatan sedang. Tak ia balas klakson tak sabar dari supir Innova yang terpaksa terhenti saat ia menurunkan penumpangnya. Sama sekali tak ada umpatan atau wajah kesal. Hanya pemakluman. Ia ucapkan “Terimaksih, kak..” dengan ramah saat ia menerima ongkos dari penumpangnya.

I met that bemo driver in one morning after spending my night at the office finishing my work. I remember that morning suddenly I wanted to take Kopaja instead of a cab. I need a new point of view. And My Rabb gives me exactly what I need. He made me met him.

Since then, whenever I feel lost in this “Big Durian”, I take Kopaja 66 to Manggarai just to meet that bemo driver. He doesn’t need to tell me anything. Seeing him already teaches me everything about sincerity, dignity, careful and persistent of work or effort, and gratitude.

Up till now, I still don’t know his name. I’ve never succeed in summing up my courage to talk to him. With all that my Rabb has given to me compared to him, I should live my life in a more decent way and pay more gratitude. But I find myself complaining over unsignificant matters. It’s hard for me to hold my tears of shame whenever I see him.



Dear Love,

The journey began. Cool things will happen. Spend your life doing instead of watching. At the end of the day, ask yourself how much of your busywork that you proud of. How much of that running around improves anyone’s life (including yours) for the better. Well done is better than well said, Love.

It’s a tough jouney, Love. You will need friends, people along the journey. Cultivate good, honest and competent, people and keep them. Surround yourself with good people and stay loyal to them. Give them your long term commitment and support. And thay will give you theirs.

You will know failure. Deal with it. Do not fear mistakes. If you fear making mistakes, you become scared to try new things. Fear leaves you nestled in your comfort zone. Staying in your comfort zone leads to nothing. Take risks and give yourself permission to make mistakes.

It’s a long jouney, Love. There will be days when you are exhausted and want to give up. Don’t! Continue to reach out. Push forward day by day but be kind to yourself. Energy and persistence conquer all things.

Much love, Love..

Until we meet at the top 🙂