My Hero Taxi Driver

I am so grateful to meet Pak Yaya, my taxi driver this morning. He told his life story along the way to my office and the wisdom of the story is completely applicable to my situation; If you fell down yesterday, stand up today. He got fired at his late forty as Marketing Manager. He should struggle from zero because no companies would hire him because of his age. He opened a small shop at his house to feed his family and being a taxi driver later. But, successfully ushered his children to graduate school.

“Terus berjuang, Neng. Prinsipnya DUIT, Doa Usaha Ishbir Tawakal.”

There’s no way it’s a coincidence. It must be your doing, My Rabb. I am sorry I almost forgot, that..

You love me the most.

You are every step I made.

You are every minute of my everyday.

You are my daily sunshine.

You are my everything.